The Volgata Casino faction recently filed a lawsuit against one of the world’s most popular slot gamblers

accused Ivy of exploiting a flaw in the maker of a one-slot gambling symbol in Atlantic City, NJ, USA.  Borgata Casino, known as a gambling establishment, accused him of manipulating a gambler and losing about $10 million or about 114 billion Rupees.

In a trial filed in federal court last week, the slot gambling faction accused Phillip Ivey Jr., winner of nine world slot gambling championships, of radical fraud using edge sorting technology. … A faction at Volgata Casino accused ivy of abusing the mistakes of cardmakers. He allegedly discovered it when he saw an inconsistent design pattern on the back of the card.

The Associated Press (AP ) As noted by Gawker, the trial alleges that game partners Ivey and Baccarat asked dealers to specifically spin cards based on whether they were needed. In this case, the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9 are considered good cards.

On the other hand, according to the process, the bad cards are directed in different directions, so after several cards, the good cards are arranged in a certain pattern, usually with an unoriffed side. There Ivey should be able to see when the card was dealt by the dealer. Visit the gacor online slot gambling agency bonus138.

It also explains if the card is manufactured by Gemaco Inc. needs to have a circular design that looks like the top of the disc scheme (half ). However, the diamonds in the scheme seem to have a slightly different shape. Another slot machine, Golden Nugget Casino, first filed a lawsuit against Gemaco because the card easily earned $1.5 million (IDR 17 billion) of players, according to records

  1. Meanwhile, london slot gamblers initially sued her for the same fact, and it is known that Ivy may not be a beautiful person because they won.

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