The slot gambling style is a small community for everyone to get to know each other

Slot gambling style is a small community so that everyone knows each other – in the world of slot gambling, the name Caro is a completeness of slot gambling. But before Philis Caro became the respectable slot manager he knew today, he moved out of the dealership.

Philis played seven cards at Caesars Palace in the ’70s. He traveled back and forth between his hometown of Las Vegas and New York. At the time, gambling slots were an undisputed little community.

In a blink of an eye in Las Vegas in 1979, he had a neighbor, a boxer El Cortez who had just opened a slot machine room. He was expected to be shaken for a while, so he started his first foray into Philis’s slot business.

The next day, there were four tables in the room, but she still needed help, so she sat down in the box. Space was a big hit from the beginning. He had problems at the Las Vegas Club, Aladdin and the Golden Nugget for a year.

When Bill Boyd replaced the pineapple with a new game called Nugget Hold’em in 1982, he had problems with the Golden Nugget. This game is probably Omaha who brought Robert Turner to Boyd. Not only does there

Philis at the beginning of Omaha, she tries to meet someone with a gold nugget Bonus138 that will take her life in a new direction. That person is Mike Caro.

They married in 1983, Philis had no problem and helped Mike write a book. During this time, Mike was invited to a seminar in Redding, California, where George Hardy was located.

He explains to them that he is going to open up space for the biggest slot machine in California and asks Mike to be hooked. Hardy wants to prepare a clean and honest slot machine, so the Karos family is very suitable to help him.  Before the opening of the Bicycle Club

, Philis assists with dealer interviews and auditions and manages the slot gambling staff. He was offered whatever job he wanted. He became a dealer coordinator visiting online gambling agencies to hunt fish.

Hardy has a new vision for the California game. Unlike the cheat truck that Gardena represented at that time.  “I don’t think slot gambling is a team sport,” Mike said. They have a job that suits them.

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