Texas Hold’em Tips – 3 Tips From Old Pros

If poker players want to be successful in the long run, there are three things they need to know. I passed these tips on to a friend who was about to start their first tournament and needed a quick lesson before starting. He played a fast satellite first and won. He then played in tournaments, eventually placing third. It was the first time he played away from the kitchen table and his fourth time he played at all. Inilah yang saya katakan padanya.

o Mainkan kartu yang bagus

o Bermain Bonus138 di posisi yang bagus

o Bersikaplah agresif

Mainkan kartu yang bagus! Tampaknya sangat sederhana. Orang-orang ingin pamer ke meja dan memberi tahu semua orang betapa bagusnya mereka dengan mengambil pot dengan beberapa tangan sampah. Tangan-tangan ini tidak sering menjadi pemenang dan bahkan ketika mereka melakukannya, mereka tidak menebus semua waktu Anda melewatkan kegagalan dengan harga yang lumayan. Mainkan semua “tidak punya otak”, AA, KK, QQ, dan AK. Play AQ, JJ, 10-10 when you feel safe. Play KQ and KJ only if you are the Razor and there is no player in front of you. Calling his raise that hand is a surefire way to bust.

Playing in Great Position means playing with good cards in his last three positions, the button, the cut-off seat (one seat before the button) and his two seats before the button. means that This is the position of meat and potatoes. they give you money Don’t keep the small blind unless you have good cards. Because if you have an open (first entry into the pot after the blinds) and a matching connector (e.g. 7-6 of hearts) then the hand is valuable and worthless unless you know who is doing it , is a bad spot. How much do you play behind you?

The last one is a little tricky. Playing online is different than it has been in the last 25 years, so be careful when playing here. We’ve seen some very aggressive tournament wins, but it wasn’t until the final table that this strategy worked. I’ve seen people use it in the first tournaments when a lot of chips started collecting quickly. Tournaments are marathons, not races. Learn to make good decisions and when to push. Passive players (who rarely advance below AA, KK, or QQ) should go bankrupt early or midway through the event. That’s not how you play to win. If you’re going to play no matter what, raise preflop. If you win the blinds, you can play another round for free. If dealt, you have the position and power of the card on your side. Either way, you will have great success.


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