Suggestions for increasing keno casino customer revenue

There are many well-operated Kino Lounges throughout the country that offer excellent gaming and equipment. Unfortunately, some have policies that seem to contradict what is absolutely best for players, shareholders, and casinos.

The first is the use of the drink menu. Why was Kino chosen when cent slot players can get what they like? You can pretend to play slot machines as easily as Keno. The cocktail waiter doesn’t check how much you play when drinks are offered. Why is this done in some keno games Bonus138?

Every business has visitors who will take advantage of the freebies. Grocery stores provide free samples, transit companies have been known to provide free rides; car dealerships give test drives, and so on.

People who today come to drink “for free” and are treated well may be very good customers come in pay.

Why antagonize current or future customers by needing a drink ticket! At least a compromise, requiring a drink ticket just for a drink that is really expensive. If you have people who are actually hanging around and are a nuisance that is a security issue.

Except during tournaments, it is rare for most Keno lounge chairs to be used. Is it so difficult to designate 50% of the seats in smoking. After all, even in Nevada nearly 80 ri of the population does not smoke.

Another issue: Minimum minimum ticket. Many casinos are enlightened and have minimal entrance fees, no matter how they get there. Nonetheless, it’s okay if you play enough odds and games to get the minimum amount. It makes no sense to need 10 ways when it is unrealistic. Suppose a casino

requires 10 different games per quarter, but customers want to play 8 and 8 7 all-king tickets per quarter. The problem is that this is only a total of nine ways to visit an online gambling agency.

Let customers play for a quarter of the way, or 8 to 50 cents to make up for lost roads because tickets will still cost you $2.50. If you need 50 cents way for less than 10 ways, a customer who doesn’t want to now spend $4.50 per ticket will find a “way” to play because he wants $2.25, otherwise he will find a “way” out the door!


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